Longevity Foods and Recipes Blue Zone Tours

  • Food to promote longevity
  • Blue Zone Lifestyle
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • Cardioprotective
  • Foods/Lifestyle to increase energy/vitality
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Paragraph text - In this paragraph, you will add the most descriptive information about your product. How it feels, what brand it is, the sizes and colours available, etc. When a purchaser is not able to physically visit your store, the description and the images become a VERY important piece of their purchasing decisions. So be sure to think like your target audience, and write here what information you think they'd like to know before making their decision

General details about the store

You can also include a paragraph that entails what you do overall. Your hours, other ways to reach you, etc. Adding an external link such as facebook or linkedin directly in the description is also helpful!

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Paragraph text - In this paragraph, you can add any details you'd like to inform your visitors regarding your return policy, shipping policy, terms and conditions. Alternatively, or additionally, you can also populate a page for "Terms and Conditions" and add a link that will direct shoppers to that page. Some helpful FAQ's here (or in a separate page) may cut back on a lot of the back and forth that comes from the pre-purchasing decision making process. For example, where you ship, how long shipping may take, if you provide tracking, etc.


Instructions on what to select for a variable product (meaning a product with options)

Once you have any type of product set up, you can always duplicate it and edit the copy. If you're doing this, perhaps keep the majority of your long description the same from product to product, with the exception of your first paragraph having the key description within.

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  2. If you've duplicated a previous product, edit the name and the "permalink" if it doesn't automatically change once you hit update (we'll get to that at the end)
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  4. on the right side menu, You can add product tags that help with search. - be sure to deselect any that do not apply to your product.
  5. on the right side menu, You can add your main product image - just click on the image to replace it.
  6. on the right side menu, then add multiple images in the "product gallery". **be sure to remove the existing info there first**
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  12. Move to the Variations tab - as you can see, this already has variations listed. So to remove them, select "remove all variations" and hit "go"
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  14. you can then go into each variation created and adjust the information individually.
  15. You can also set pricing for all variations by selecting the option "set regular prices" and hitting "go".
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  17. Lastly, scroll back up to the top and hit the blue "update" button on the right. This is like your "save" button.